When Bees Ran “Amok”

By: Suharyanto

One of my memories is when a large number of bees ran amok and stunk many people at river Aro (Kali Aro) of my villages, Sri Bhawono, East Lampung. At that time, I was a child. I was at the river  named “Kali Aro” with my friends. Besides us, there were some kids, teenagers, and adults with different activities. Suddenly, wind blew so fast so that rotten bough of the biggest tree closed to the river fallen down. At first, none of us realized what was happening. Then an old man screamed “run away, the bees run amok!”. Some people also yelled “Swim in!”. We were aware that the fallen bough hit big colony of the bees at another branch of the tree. My friends and I swam into the river and hid among grasses sticking down from land into water.

Meanwhile I saved myself I saw many people ran away swam into the river and screamed. I also saw many clothes buoyed up with swarm of bees. People swimming in the river thought that they had to do away with their clothes, so the bees went away from the people by following the floating clothes.

Some people also ran away and made off with nothing. Many kids were scared to move into the water, and some teenagers did without something to save themselves. The atmosphere was in totally confusion. Fortunately, the incident ended after the bees went away from the river. Finally, we tried to appear from hide-away. We were very lucky since none of bees touched our body.[]


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